Friday, October 24, 2008

Malaysian Durian -Frozen Malay durian exported to Australia.


  1. Great Blog,
    I just got two boxes of Malay Durian from Brisbane yesterday.
    I have tried Massan King, Golden Bamboo and D24 varieties.
    I,personally, find them a lot better than the frozen Thai ones. Maybe less chemical treatments? I don't really know.
    Thanks for the link.
    Love and peace,
    from Anne.

  2. Were the 2 boxes of Malaysian durian fruit, grown in Australia or imported from Malaysia,and frozen or fresh?
    What varieties were they?
    Were the 2 boxes sold in an asian shop or Woolworths etc?

    Malaysian durian are allowed to ripen and fall,which might increase taste and sweetness.
    Thai durian are cut from the tree before fully ripe.
    Malaysians mostly might not spray insecticides etc and not use fertiliser,which might improve taste etc.

  3. They were frozen; unfortunately fresh Durian is not legally allowed to be imported into Australia.
    These were D24 varieties. I personally prefer the Massan King and Golden Bamboo.
    They were still beautiful though.

    I hope to get up to Cairns, in the Aussie season, to get fresh Durian.

  4. How many grams for each box of frozen Malaysian D24?
    Were the Massan King and Golden Bamboo grown in Malaysia and sold in Australia?
    Were the Malaysian durians sold in Woolworths or a small asian shop?
    What was the price of the Malaysian durian?
    What was the taste like?Much better than the imported thai durian?

  5. I'm a Filipino who grew up in Canada, and I must say that I've never seen different coloured Durian like that. Do they taste differenlyt than the typical yellow Durian fruit?

  6. The red-fleshed durian/D.graveolens "...Fruit flesh is bright red.It is very thick and creamy in texture,with a lack of sweetness that gives it an agreeable savoury quality...".-'Tropical Fruit' by Glenn Tankard.

    The red durian/D. dulcis/Tutong "...The pale yellow edible flesh inside is thick creamy and delicious.It is soft and sweet like a good caramel.Tutong is the SWEETEST of all Durio fruits...".- Glenn Tankard.

    It is easy to live in 'Durianland' all year for only about US$100 a week/$US5000 a year,including a private hotel room with bathroom and all the durian and other sweet tropical fruits that you want(cigarettes,alcohol and prostitutes not included).